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Everyone at B&R Painting is held to the highest standards of accountability.

About B & R Painting Contractors

teamRickey Warbington grew up in a multi-generational family of painters. And, like his uncles and cousins before him, he found that he had a talent for blending efficient techniques with fine craftsmanship. Meanwhile, Rickey’s wife, Beth was sharpening her business acumen, learning everything from business operations to HR management, bookkeeping and accounting. So, it came as no surprise when Beth and Rickey put their skills together to found B&R Painting in 1988.

Since then, the company has grown from its mom and pop beginnings into a full-service organization employing more than 40 full-time professionals. Even so, the company has always maintained its commitment to being a family business. Many employees are part of Beth and Rickey’s family. Additionally, Beth explains, “every member of our team is a full-time employee. That makes them family, not just our workforce. And we believe that if we take good care of our family, they’ll take good care of our business, and our customers.”

With that in mind, everyone at B&R Painting is held to the highest standards of accountability. They are supported with retirement, health and other benefits. And every member of the team is empowered and encouraged to provide the highest possible customer service. The company is structured such that its veterans monitor and train newer employees to ensure consistency. B&R periodically invests in specialized training for team members, as well, and insists on weekly meetings to address every current, recent and upcoming project. As a direct result, every B&R employee is absolutely professional on every job, every time.

“After all, we think of our customers as family, too,” says Rickey. “They’re people, not just businesses. So, we make sure that everyone representing B&R treats them that way.” In fact, B&R Painting comes across as a well-kept secret, known by the savviest property managers and business owners. “Our business is comprised almost entirely of repeat customers and referrals,” Beth explains. “Building business relationships, consistently competitive pricing and providing the utmost customer service we always strive to be the best.”

B&R Painting is headquartered in Lithonia, Georgia, and is active in its support of the local schools and community. Contact us to see how we can best serve your business.